About Us

 Levi’s Uses Social Media to Support South African Orphans Affected by HIV/AIDS
    ALL ABOUT AFRICA brings a varied perspective to the issues facing the African region. The level of diversity and progressive search for solutions involving the continent continues to generate a new array of interests. As studies and solutions are being sought, stakeholders are combining to profer practical and humanistic touch to the issues facing Africa.
 Our Non- Profit endeavour is all about healing and helping. Reaching over to the nations in need and giving a hand. Diverse and practical studies are made and the reality is faced when a life is touched and a mouth is fed. Day by Day, we strive to ensure that a hand is extended to the poor and impoverished places and peoples under the globe.
All About Africa seeks to be a friend in need and with the help of the millions who share the vision, will project and reach the souls in need through conscious and conscientious efforts.
Through research and participatory efforts, our team strives to understand the particular problems and launch a targeted mission where such problems exist. Through the use of man-to-man inquiry methods, we strive to create the means for help and maintain the channel for continued and continous engagement of our services.
 Our professionals maintain a constant base and form a strong bond with the stakeholders to ensure the core of the problem-based situations are addressed and resolved. We combine the human and material resources available to provide the basic and fundamental means to the end.

In matters involving Africa, only a holistic look and perspective better addresses the complexities and variances in culture and living. In such instances, our professionals delve into the core of African cultures to devise the right plan of action and create the right proposal for solutions. This we achieve through seasoned and trained customer service orientations to all stakeholders under our care.

As a Non-Profit unit, All About Africa brings the sun to shine on the Safari. We are a group with a passionate concern for the ills and anomalies confronting the poverty-ridden nations and regions of the globe. Our success is weighed on the number of persons and lives we are able to touch in any given time.
Given the right amount of resources available, we undertake a holistic study of the rampant concerns and problems in poverty, disease, illiteracy, and many others.